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The Real Food Brands Blog is an extension of the Real Food Brands Podcast, which offers brand strategy and marketing planning insights to natural food companies to help them become category leaders in both philosophy and growth.  

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How to Create a 6-Step Marketing Plan to Align Tactics with Business Objectives

When it comes to integrated marketing planning for food companies, I like to say 1+1=3 because the sum is greater than the parts when all your tactics are working together based on your strategy. Sometimes companies think their marketing strategy is all about quantity, but then 1 always just equals 1.  Anybody can put a […]
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Podcast Ep #5: Insider Tips For Your Next Buyer Meeting

Insider Tips For Your Next Buyer Meeting 
  When it comes to pitching your food brand to retail buyers, it can feel like a daunting maze full of traps and pitfalls.  The good news is that people like Alli Ball of Allison Ball Consulting have lit some torches to shed light and help you get your product in front of customers.  The crucial starting point is that […]
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Podcast Ep #4: Why Your Food Brand Should Be on Amazon

Why Your Food Brand Should Be on Amazon
  In the past Amazon was the place to buy books, movies and cell phone cases, but in recent years it’s expanded to pretty much anything you can imagine. Amazon’s interest in the food space has been apparent, from the Whole Foods acquisition to building and refining several different options for food distribution, including Prime […]
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Podcast Ep #3: What You Should Know From the 2018 Good Food Expo 

What You Should Know From the 2018 Good Food Expo 
As you work to grow your natural food brand, you might ask yourself, “How can I survive with so much competition?” There’s good news—and then there’s even better news!     The good news is that these other food companies are not your enemy. You didn’t start your brand for the fight, you started down this path because you have a better product to offer the world and you want to shake up the grocery store shelves with products […]
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Podcast Ep #2: How to Start Building and Documenting Your Brand Strategy

How to Start Building and Documenting Your Brand Strategy
When rooted in the Brand Strategy, your day-to-day marketing efforts bring your brand’s purpose and plans to life in order to engage consumers, inform operational decisions and ultimately, achieve your business goals. When athletes prepare for a game, they do more than just spend time in the gym or on the field. Sure, they need […]
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Podcast Ep #1: Why Real Food Brands is Launching a Podcast About Food Marketing

Why Real Food Brands is Launching a Podcast About Food Marketing
To say that food is important would be an obvious understatement. To say that eating the right kind of food is important is unfortunately still something that is less of a given to many people. With supermarkets and street sides loaded with options of unhealthy, unnatural, and frankly harmful options, it can be hard to […]
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Insights for Emerging Food Brands from the Good Food Expo

What do you get when you cross a group of farmers, producers, trade buyers, chefs, policy makers, investors and other good food supporters? The Good Food Expo, of course! This annual event in Chicago is focused on bringing together people who are looking to play a role in rising the tide of our food system. […]
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Thinking outside the box (or jar, pouch, bottle): 10 Alternative Food & Beverage Usage Ideas to Boost Your Sales

Your product is delicious. You’ve spent countless hours perfecting it – likely in your sleep as well as in the actual kitchen! People are loving what you created, so why not do a little brainstorming to think about more ways they could enjoy it?! Thinking about alternative usage ideas can increase the customer buy rate […]
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How Great Packaging Can Help Natural Food Brands Stand out on the Shelf

  “When people experience our product, they love it!  We just need to find more ways to get it in the hands of more people.” Does this sound familiar? In-store sampling and freebies to your friends and family can only get you so far. Your product needs to stand on its own on store shelves because […]
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A Natural Curiosity About Food & Beverages

This is the only blog that will be so focused on me, but I want to share a little more about why I am motivated to dedicate my career to the natural foods industry, and what you can expect. When I was growing up, my mom was a teacher and librarian. I didn’t appreciate it […]
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What is the Definition of Natural Foods, Anyway?

A logical place to start wondering about natural foods seems to be “what is the definition of a natural food product?”  because there is quite a bit of conversation about what the term natural really means when it comes to the grocery aisle. While the FDA doesn’t have a clear definition yet, Merriam-Webster defines it […]
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