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Podcast Ep #2: How to Start Building and Documenting Your Brand Strategy

When rooted in the Brand Strategy, your day-to-day marketing efforts bring your brand’s purpose and plans to life in order to engage consumers, inform operational decisions and ultimately, achieve your business goals.

When athletes prepare for a game, they do more than just spend time in the gym or on the field. Sure, they need to build up their bodies to compete, but they also spend a lot of time building up their minds. They watch tapes of their opponents to get to know their playbook. Then they build a strategy for how they’re going to overcome their opponents.

Okay, now think about yourself as you compete in a crowded grocery market. When you do your homework to understand the landscape and competition it helps you create the game plan for how you can carve out a unique position for your product based on your ideal consumers’ needs.

Taking the time to go through these steps will inform and refine your brand strategy and help you make stronger connections with consumers and stakeholders.

In This Episode

  • Why it is important to document your brand strategy
  • How to investigate your industry landscape
  • How to perform a competitive review
  • Defining your unique positioning
  • Outlining a brand personality
  • Honing in on your brand pillars

Quotes From This Episode

“You don’t want to let the past dictate the future or get distracted by every trend that’s going on. But you do need to know the landscape that you’re living in.” — @RealFoodBrands

“What is your unique benefit? What are you going to do to solve [customers’] problems?” — @RealFoodBrands

“You want everything you do and say to ladder back up to your brand promises.” —@RealFoodBrands