What sets your brand apart?

Discover Brand and Marketing Strategies to
Stand Out in a Crowded Market

The Levers Marketing works with growth oriented companies to expand their brand planning and strategic marketing capabilities, with a focus on natural food companies.

As an independent consultant with consumer package goods experience, I take a general management view of marketing called brand management. This cross functional approach considers your brand’s purpose to be the driving force behind everything your business does and says in order to achieve your business goals. 

From initial brand strategy and product naming, to integrated marketing planning, to troubleshooting reasons sales are not meeting expectations, I can help.  

Read more below about the three primary ways I work with company founders and marketing teams to expand their brand and marketing capabilities based on each individual business situation. 

Click on the boxes to learn more, or go straight to the Growth Tools page for more details. 

The Tools of Branding & Marketing

Brand Strategy

The Story

Your brand is the foundation of every business decision that you will make. It inspires, guides, and drives action to meet the needs of your customers in a way other brands can't or won't. How does your brand measure up?

Marketing Planning

The Frameworks

It's important to streamline your marketing efforts into an integrated plan for optimal efficiency. The Levers Marketing has streamlined complex concepts and created tools to help your business grow.

Marketing Management

The Action

Rooted in the Brand Strategy and Marketing Planning tools, day-to-day marketing efforts bring your purpose and plans to life in order to achieve business goals. They should be engaging and delighting your target consumers.

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